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With ShiftRide everything is within reach

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A car is waiting for you on every corner of the street. Book one, and get behind the wheel instantly with no upfront fees.


Every car is inspected before being listed on ShiftRide. In case of an accident, you're safe and protected under our insurance policy.

Go Places Faster

Unlock the car using our secure app and drive. Run your errands or go out with friends, the choice is yours!

Cars for Every Occasion

Whether you're looking for a lot of trunk space or want to impress a date, we have a variety of cars available near you. Select the car you want based on style and price, and pay as you drive.

It's Easy to Drive

1. Join

Log in through our iPhone app. Add your driver's license and credit card to get instantly verified with ShiftRide.

2. Book

Find cars near you. Book the one you like and start your trip within 15 minutes. No planning ahead needed.

3. Drive

Unlock the car and drive. When finished, return to the same location. Pay for the amount you used the car.

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Have access to a car, whenever you want

Booking a car with ShiftRide is the easiest and most accessible way to get to places. Treat you and your friends to a nice ride.

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Insurance and Safety

With every booking, we provide insurance, roadside assistance, and support. We also inspect all cars on the platform regularly to ensure they're safe to use. If anything goes wrong, let us know and we'll make things right for you.

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Sharing is Sustainable

Personal vehicle use accounts for nearly two-thirds of total household emissions, according to Statistics Canada. In Canada alone, passenger cars lead to nearly 41.5 megatonnes of carbon dioxide emitted yearly. ShiftRide allows multiple people to have access to the same car, owned by nearby car owners, as a result reducing your environmental footprint. For every shared car, 12 cars are taken off the road which means less pollution and congestion in our cities.

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