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Plug In & Connect

Plug in our BOX device just like your phone's charger and get access to a complete report of your car in a matter of seconds. Always connected and compatible with most cars. The BOX continuously measures your car's condition so you're always aware. If we see anything out of ordinary with your car, you'll be notifed right away by your ShiftRide Rep and they'll help you take care of it every step of the way.

“The BOX is like Fitbit for your car, you'll love it!”

Priority Services

ShiftRide Owners get exclusive access to a list of services and partners to drive hassle-free in Waterloo.

Priority Parking

Get access to convenient parking spots in participating buildings across Waterloo. Your ShiftRide sticker acts as your pass.

Smart Maintenance

Get alerts to monitor the health of your car every step of the way. Gain confidence in your car's safety.

Car Care

Get your car cleaned and maintained hassle free with the help of your ShiftRide Rep. Drive to places in style and comfort.


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