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Earn Money

Earn extra money without doing more

share your parked car and fund the things you love

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Your car is sitting parked most of the time. Turn your depreciating asset into a money making machine by sharing it with safe drivers.

Stay Protected

Your car is protected by a separate insurance from yours, driven only by high rated users, and regular driver's license checks performed.

Earn More

Put your extra income towards paying off your car, your next vacation, or your student loans. The choice is yours!

Let Your Parked Car Earn You Money

When you sign up, your car will be priced based on make, model, and year. Listing your car only takes a few minutes and you start earning right away.

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Earn money by sharing your parked car

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Insurance and Safety

With every booking, we provide insurance that is separate from your own policy. Provided by our partner, Northbridge Insurance, our insurance provides you with an additional level of safety, protecting your vehicle with a comprehensive umbrella policy that goes above and beyond your existing policy. If anything happens during a booking, we work closely with you to make things right and ensure your satisfaction. Your own insurance premium will not be affected by listing your car with ShiftRide.

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Collision & Comprehensive

$2M Liability Coverage

Standard Accident Benefits


The Box is a small but smart device that you easily plug into your car. The Box tracks driving patterns so only safe and trusted drivers can get behind the wheel. We also use the Box to measure mileage and charge users based on that.

Got Questions?

Check out our new help center which should answer most of your questions. If you have other questions, give us a call, we'd be more than happy to help.

Own a Fleet of Cars?

There is a lot of potential in listing more than one car with ShiftRide. List more cars, earn more money. Sign up your fleet of cars and we'll place them in the best locations accross the city where they'll be accessible by drivers nearby. Re-invest your earnings into your business and watch it grow faster.


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