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List idle cars in your business for sharing.

1. ShiftRide Available Cars (Demo, Company Cars, & More)

Vehicle fleets sit parked too often with low utilization rates. Turn more of those depreciating units into profit. Add and remove vehicles as they become available.

2. Stay Protected

Your fleet is protected by our insurance policy, separate from your own. Vehicles are driven only by high rated users. Grow your profit centre and get your business in front of more customers.

3. Generate New Revenue

Pay off the financing on your vehicles while still maintaining ownership and control. Invest your earnings back into your business and watch it grow.

Maximize Your Fleet's Revenue

Listing cars with ShiftRide is easy! You'll have the option to choose your own price, mileage limits, and more! If you have any questions, we're happy to help!

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Earn money by sharing your parked car
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Insurance and Safety

With every booking, we provide insurance that is separate from your own policy. Provided by our partner, Northbridge Insurance, our insurance provides you with an additional level of safety. If things go wrong during a booking, we work closely with you to make things right and ensure your satisfaction. Your own insurance premium will not be affected by listing your car with ShiftRide.

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Collision & Comprehensive

$2M Liability Coverage

Standard Accident Benefits

How ShiftRide Works

As a fleet owner, you'll be able to provide people with weekly subscriptions and earn money as they continue to use your cars.

1. Add Your Fleet

Choose the cars you want on ShiftRide. Park them at premium parking spots in reserved locations across the city.

2. License & Insure

Register the chosen cars under your business and provide the basic insurance on them so that our insurance policy works.

3. Earn Revenue

Watch the money come in with monthly payments made to you. If the cars need you, for service or otherwise, we'll let you know.

Got Questions?

Check out our help center which should answer most of your questions. If you have other questions, use the chat on our website and we'll get back to you shortly.

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